Welcome to the Website for the OCIGK


Welcome to the website for the Orange CountyInternational Goshin Kai (OCIGK) - Traditional GojuRyu Karate School in Irvine, Orange County California.

The OCIGK has provided quality martial artsinstruction in Orange County since 1982. Founded by Kyoshi Roy Cadiente, IGK instructsstudents of all ages — from ages four through adult.

Instruction for younger students is focused ondeveloping strong and honorable leaders equippedwith skills for success and self-protection. Adult instruction focuses on the development ofphysical and mental strength, coordination, and theskills to protect self and others in all situations.

Our fundamental goals are:

  • To impart self discipline
  • To develop strong and ethical leaders
  • To strengthen the physical body
  • To instill confidence
  • To teach self defense skills.

Kyoshi Roy Cadiente has been practicing karate for over 50 years with many of martial arts greatest students. This photo below was taken in 1973. The group was known as Dan Inosanto’s “Backyard Group.” They trained with him in a makeshift Kwoon in Guro Dan's back yard. The experience, influence, and knowledge of the people pictured is staggering, as their collective backgrounds included many, many styles. They incorporated the teachings of Guro Inosanto's compadre, Bruce Lee. Kyoshi Roy was lucky enough to have been a part of this group and brings that knowledge into his own teachings. Guro Dan Inosanto (seated behind woman in first row) is seated next to Kyoshi Roy (bottom right).


At OCIGK we practice traditional Goju Ryu Karate.Our practice also includes aspects of Kenpo and Kung Fu that enhance, but do not alter, the traditional style. While the origins of Goju Ryu, like most martial arts, date back many centuries, the style that we know as Goju Ryu was only formalized in thiscentury.

Miyagi Sensei

The style Goju Ryu was named in 1931 by Miyagi Chojun Sensei. He was born on April 25, 1888 in Naha, Okinawa. "Go" means hard and "Ju" mean soft, hence Goju Ryu is translated as Hard Soft Way. It is a blend of Okinawan Te (hard) and Shoalin Kung Fu (soft). Other Chinese influencesinclude I Chuan and Tai Chi Chuan which Sensei Miyagi studied on several trips to the Chinese mainland.

The information in this site is intended to be informative as well as inspirational. We hope that it is avalued resource not only for our own students but for all students of the martial arts.

Kyoshi Roy Cadiente (center, front) with the OCIGK instructor staff and black belts

Kyoshi Roy Cadiente (center, front) with the OCIGK instructional staff and black belts

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